celebration plan

  • Shrine visit plan

    Please enjoy the first event of your life with your whole family.

    Per person ¥7,260 ¥9,680 ¥12,100
    (Includes consumption tax and 10% service charge)
    ■特典  乾杯用ワンドリンク付

  • First meal plan

    The ``first meal'' is a festival where you pray that your child will never have to worry about food for the rest of his life, and wish for his healthy growth.
    Please join the whole family in celebrating the 100th day of your child's first meal with chopsticks.

    Per person ¥7,260 ¥9,680 ¥12,100
    ■特典 お食い初め祝い膳付き 乾杯用ワンドリンク付
    *Tai is not included. We accept inquiries by phone.
    (Amounts are market prices.)

  • Shichigosan celebration plan

    Shichi-Go-San celebrates the healthy growth of children and wishes them happiness. Please come together as a family to celebrate this important anniversary, which is proof of healthy growth for your parents and family.

    Per person ¥7,260 ¥9,680 ¥12,100
    Comes with one drink for toasting

  • Longevity celebration plan

    Kaju is a celebration of longevity and a wish for your life to be healthy forever. On this special anniversary, please celebrate life's milestones with your family, wishing for an even longer life.
    [Kaju age]
    Sixtieth birthday (60 years old), Koki (70 years old), Kiju (77 years old), Kasaju (80 years old), Soju (90 years old), Hakuju (99 years old), Joju (100 years old)

    ■料金 お一人様 ¥7,260 ¥9,680 ¥12,100 
    ■特典 ちゃんちゃんこ無料貸出 乾杯用ワンドリンク付



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